Kop Talk: “It’s Easy Being a Liverpool Fan” – By: Julian Kersh

A few times in recent months, that damn phrase has come up to me… “It’s easy being a Liverpool fan.”

I’ve had friends report some barely casual Manchester United fan (or guy in a Manchester United jersey) throwing the accusation toward them while reaching for another Busch Lite. And I, myself, had a run-in with those meaningless words one day in the least likely of places from the least likely of people – the Department of Communication and Journalism parking lot on campus from a Fulham fan.

I noticed the FFC sticker on the guy’s car and made the mistake of trying to strike up a causal conversation about the EPL, since those opportunities are pretty rare in Auburn, AL. As soon as he uttered those words, I was ready to put a brick through that back windshield of his.

“It’s easy being a Liverpool fan.”

I wonder where people come up with this assumption, especially those who clearly show little to zero consistent attention to the English Premier League. I’ll grant you, maybe if this were the mid-80s I could stomach such comments with cocky laugh and a “Jog on!” but not now…

What exactly makes it so easy to be an LFC supporter? That’s an honest question. I’m not being rhetorical. If you have an answer, please, leave it below! Barring our Champion’s League trophy of 2005, where’s the success? I’m not shaking a stick at the 2006 FA Cup, but that certainly wasn’t what we were aiming for that year. So again, show me what makes it so easy to wear my Gerrard jersey under my work shirt on game days and my LFC dress socks that stick out of my tennis shoes.

The club has seen more than its fair share of success during its 118 years, but I’m puzzled as to what makes life easy for a modern Liverpool FC fan, especially this season. Let’s look back at what’s unraveled during the 2009-2010 season that’s been all green pastures and pink cupcakes for our boys in Red… allegedly.

– Third game of the season we lose 1-3 to Aston Villa. It was a sign of a rough year, because if you could have been able to watch the game but see none of the goals, you’d expect the opposite scoreline. Lucas scores an own goal in the 34th to get them ahead. The game ends with Liverpool on 70 percent of possession and three times the shots of Villa. We hit the post, did everything we could, but it was one of those nights (and foreshadowing of the season’s motif) that no matter what we did, we’d come up short.

“It’s easy being a Liverpool fan.”

– We lose to Sunderland 1-0 because Darren Bent strikes a beach ball for the goal. No, I’m not saying he scored off a delicate, floating shot. He literally struck a beach ball with his shot and the deflection caromed past Reina into the net.

“It’s easy being a Liverpool fan.”

– Let’s hop over to the Champion’s League. We concede not one, not two, but three 90th+ minute goals in the group stage. Two of those grab wins for Fiorentina and Lyon at Anfield, and the second by Lyon steals them a tie in France. Gooooooooooood morning, Europa League!

“It’s easy being a Liverpool fan.”

– Are you an LFC fan? Love conceding stoppage time goals? Stoke City scores a 90th minute goal in their home stadium Jan.16 to steal our points, making it a draw and setting up low confidence for away games.

“It’s easy being a Liverpool fan.”

– In keeping with 90th-minute fun for the Reds, we give up a penalty in the 90th minute in the FA Cup to Reading. They of course convert and equalize, and go ahead in overtime to advance.

“It’s easy being a Liverpool fan.”

– Arsenal game ends in a 1-2 loss. It was very tough and could have gone either way if replayed. But that’s before you factor in Cesc Fabregas’ BLATANT handball in the dying minute. The result should have been a red card, potentially a penalty, and if nothing else, Stevie G is firing on frame from exactly 18 yards out. What was the actual result? Nothing, no call on one of the clearest hand balls of the season.

“It’s easy being a Liverpool fan.”

– Aquilani, who has shown promising intelligence and attacking flare the few times he’s been able to step on the pitch with 100 percent fitness, has been injured and ill the entire season, never giving him a consistent streak of time to get settled in. $30 million has sat on the bench.

“It’s easy being a Liverpool fan.”

– And the easiest part of our season! Injuries to Benayoun, Aurelio, Skrtl, Insua, Johnson, Gerrard and Torres. At least five of them are regular starters. What was Torres’ form when he wasn’t battling injury? When he came back for his first game since early January to battle the Rovers on February 28, he scored the first of eight goals in seven games before he went out with injury again. Even prior to his severe injury in January, El Niño was hindered from top form by nagging ailments.

“It’s easy being a Liverpool fan.”

(Oh, let’s keep an eye on Benayoun’s alleged offside against Atlético Madrid and see if it comes back to keep the Reds out of the Europa League final. He was onside by a good two steps when the player’s foot touches the ball to play him through, and the assistant took his sweet time deciding to make the incorrect call.

“It’s easy being…” Eh, you get it by now.)

With our finances seemingly stabilized for the time being (at least headed on the right track now), the future looks bright. I’m confident the two stars of Anfield will stay in the rightful home, and the Reds will be back battling for multiple trophies next year.

You could tell me to stop whining and say, “That’s football.” Sometimes you have a bad run. Sometimes the goal seems to be six inches smaller for your team. But when you look at everything that has gone against Liverpool this season, it’s more than just “football.” I’ll be the first to admit we’ve put together some ghastly performances, but between the numerous injuries, stoppage time goals, crucial moments falling the other way and beach balls, it’s certainly not easy being a modern Liverpool fan.


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