It’s the Final Countdown: 9 Days

Nine Days

Continuing the countdown, we bring you one of the greatest No. 9s of all time, who happened to sport one of the worst haircuts of all time.
Ronaldo was fortunate he had Ronaldhino in his country to draw a lot of attention away from him, because anywhere else he’d grab top honors in the hideous department with that do!

How do you think that style came to be? I like to hypothesize that his barber received an urgent phone call mid cut, and while he was away, Ronaldo started looking in the mirror and liked what he saw… But that’s just me. No matter the story behind it, it’s nuts to thing that style become a phenomenon in his country and abroad!

We could make fun of the guy’s appearance all day, but there’s no jokes to be made about his performances in the last two Copa Mundials. He lead his home country to win the Cup in 2002 with seven goals – two of which in the finals.
He also netted three times in 2006 in Brazil’s run to the semis.
Ronaldo, you were one hell of a player, but man, that hairdo sure sucked!


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