Does Drogba out equal Ivory Coast out?

If you were looking to make a chunk of cheddar on The Ivory Coast winning it all, I’d grab your money off the table and fast. I didn’t have money riding on the Ivorians, but I may have to go remove them from yesterday’s post that discussed their strong chances of being the eighth country to win the World Cup with Didier Drogba going off the pitch this morning with an injury.

Just 15 minutes into Côte d’Ivoire’s friendly against Japan,  Drogba found himself on the ground and suffering from what is being reported as a fractured elbow. Reports have already 180’d on their initial claims that Drogba would not play in the Cup and are now saying the star striker will go under the knife and be ready to play in 10 days.

I’m not convinced just yet. We’ll wait as more information unfolds, but getting surgery for an injury that initially looked to rule a player out of a month-long tournament and then expecting to play at the most intense level of play in your sport days after seems like they’d be pushing it.

Even if he gets onto the pitch, I would highly doubt he’d be 100 percent. Though, I’ll let the doctors decide all that. For me, I just know I’d be very uncomfortable if I had some cold, hard cash behind the Ivorians with them being in the tournament’s toughest group and Didier Droba either being absent or hampered. Even stacked roster like Spain’s would severely miss a guy who netted 29 times this year in the toughest league in the world. As I said yesterday, Drogba is going to be the key to success. And I, along with an entire nation, hope he can recover.

Oh – The Ivory Coast went on to beat Japan 2-0 after Drogba’s 13th minute freekick was deflected in by Japan’s Tulio, and Kolo Toure got on the end of a swinging Salomon Kalou freekick to poke the second past the Japanese keeper.


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